The Farm
McCook, Nebraska

The north and south fields give us the opportunity to produce much of our own hay dryland.

We are especially thrilled with the farm's huge barn, built in the early 1900's. The huge timbers used in the interior posts between the stalls are really a reminder of times when everything was built to last a long, long time. The stalls are sized to hold draft teams, for working the wheat fields that early settlers relied upon as their cash crop. This country, (and this farm,) is full of history!

During recent decades the grand old barn had largely fallen into disuse... machines do most field work now. Now, all the older neighbors have said they're so happy to see someone determined to put the old queen back into activity. After giving her a new paint job, sprucing up the trim, replacing the worn out roofing, and patching up old holes, she is once more occupying her rightful (and busy,) place as Barn Central!

The barn in winter.

There are two places in the south wing where 1944 is painted in red paint, the same color as the old outside coat.

So we assume that that is the date that the south wing was added on. Or at least given a coat of red paint!

Winter '07, morning frost and fresh snow fall.

The four bedroom house is an old timey farm style, with lots of cute gables and two porches. It was also in sore need of some loving attention, (and a new roof!) but it sure cleaned up nicely, and now looks totally spruced up and spiffy! The original color was the traditional 'farm-house' white, but our Head Painter wanted to go with a little different track, and it turned out pretty well.

(As you can see, not even the dog house escaped the Painter!)

The numerous sheds were in pretty bad shape, too, but in the years that we've been here we've gotten them back up and running again. Still room for inprovement... but nothing is is danger of falling down any more!

An old rusted swing-set frame and a metal porch swing without a home, both got a coat of rustoleum, and joined together to provide a fine place to rest in the evening... with a nice view!