Abigail + '07 doeling.


(Photos are us showing in showmanship.)

We have always wanted to be able to show our goats, but our previous very remote location worked against it. When we relocated to McCook, (in '06,) we were able to have more opportunities for that. So the next year, ('07,) we went to our first goat show, the Tumbleweed Classic in Clay Center.

We had a lot of fun, placed in the ribbons, and met great Nebraska goat folks.

Abi is hooked, I'm afraid she might become a goat show fanatic.

Elizabeth surprised everybody, and herself, by being placed first in adult showmanship. The fact that there was only one other competitor didn't alter the surprise for her at all.



Elizabeth + Argentina (2007)

So in '08 we made sure to figure in to the packed summer schedule a trip to the Nebraska State Fair, in Lincoln, for August, 22nd through the 24th. It was a close run with getting everything together, but we were finally nearly ready for the big weekend.

The girls did good... placing in the ribbons on nearly all counts. Elma placed first in her class, and took best udder, which made two for two! Two shows, two best udders.

Ave and her daughter Argentina captured second place in the Dam & Daughter.

We were pleased to have Tigiris, Ave and Argentina take third place in the Nebraska Dairy Herd class, even though Tigir was milking through from the previous year!



The continuing farm renovation in 2009 precluded showing that year, but in 2010 we were back at the State Fair, this time in the new fairgrounds at Kearney! It was great to catch up with all our old aquintainces, and, because of the new location, we were able to meet a whole batch of new attendees!

Again, we did well, and brought home plenty of ribbons to impress the neighbors! (They're all beef cattle folk, and don't understand it...!)

Showing goats is a great way to get away for a weekend, talk goats with fellow 'carriers', and still not miss any morning milkings! We plan to attend more shows in the upcoming years.

We hope to see you there!

In the show ring, Dam and Produce!