Signet Tigiris

American Alpine

Sire: One In A Mil Tahr
Dam: Goldthwaite Signet Duchess

Update: Tigir left us at the grand old age of 12 years old, and my only regret is that she didn't give us just one more girl to set beside her daughter Ephesus in the herd.

The senior doe of our herd, 'Tiger' is a huge doe with plenty of substance and staying power. Her udder is exceptionally well built, with rear and fore-udder attachments that could make anyone jealous. She is basically a ten pounder, and always milks extremely late in her lactation we sometimes have difficulty drying her off before she kids.
She has been a prolific doe as well, freshening out her first time with triplets, then with quads. Her third time she decided she'd impressed everyone enough and backed down to twins for a while. Later she tossed in a triplet or so, just to keep her hand in. ;-)

{ With a terrific turnout for the 2008 State Fair, we were pleased to have Tigiris, Ave and Argentina take third place in the Nebraska Dairy Herd class, even though Tigir was milking through from the previous year! }

At State Fair '10, Tiger, Ave & Cadiz placed third in Breeder's Trio.

July 2009; Signet Tigiris at six years old.

For the 2011 kid crop we bred her to 'Sterling', and retained the resulting doe. Looking forward to her freshening in 2012! With this cross we hope to keep Tigir's very correct udder, and put more size in it.


From left: Tiger's sis Alberta, mom Duchess, neice Dacia II, & sis Contessa, '04.