Signet Madeira Mirage

American Alpine

Update: We were devestated to lose Madeira only a few months after her 2014 kidding. To replace her, we retained her "look alike" daughter, and last year that dtr. gave us another "mini-me" to make our hearts hurt even less... and we can't wait to see how they both continue to grow out!

Madeira is a gorgeous, shapy doe out of Ave that excells in every way. Her impressive mam ary wowed as a yearling milker, and her production was everything we hoped for out of a Sterling daughter.

Her udder as a yearling milker was large with a very defined medial suspensary ligament; the only question is if a few years of production might make it actually too big for her from a showring standpoint.

Her long, lean good looks impress all who see her, and her steady affable temperament make her a doll to work with. She is perhaps one of our best daughters out of Ave, and that's saying a lot since Ave's girls fill up our barn.

She's a keeper!

We really look forward to a few does from her down the line.

(Pictured as a second freshener in 2013)


Madeira's 2014 doelings in the snow.


Madeira's dam, Signet Ave.