Signet Sir Guy Joselyn

American Alpine

Named for the fictional knight of the Hundred Years War in medieval France, Jos lived up to his name with flawlessly gentlemanly behavior. Always friendly and obliging, his docile temperament came in especially handy during breeding season, and was passed on to his offspring with the regularity of clockwork.

'Jos' was big bodied and well built; and threw beautiful, milky daughters.


July 24th, 2009 we lost Joss.
We tried everything we could think of for him, but...
I hate losing any animal, but he was special; always the sweetest, most lovable, amiable and obedient buck I have ever seen. He never caused a bit of trouble in all his life, and often under out-of-hand situations that he could have taken advantage of, but always behaved so well regardless. He could not have been a better gentleman, (under all circumstances,) if he had been a wether, even in the height of breeding season as head herdsire, with often many rival youngsters going insane in the same pen with him. Maybe he knew they were not going anywhere...
He gave us many beautiful babies, and such nice udders, milk production and temperaments. He was the last of his dam's sons, so there isn't any more where that came from.

We have his son Patrick as our upcoming sire, who is a pretty strong package of Jos' genetics, (to bring those genes back onto our new buck's outcrossed kids.)

Good-bye, good friend. You will be missed... and remembered.


'04 shot of our four premium does at the time, L-R: Alberta, Duchess, Dacia II, & Contessa.