Signet Falina Dear

American Alpine

Update: Falina was lost to us summer 2011. Her production never was recorded.


Falina is a very promising young doe that impressed us very much during her first lactation... milking well into the later months in defiance of cold weather that would have made other does falter.

With her lines to Duchess, we are looking forward to seeing how she produces over the next few years.

Being our own testers isn't easy, and when life gets hectic the tests are likely to slip our minds. That's what happened last year, and so we don't have sufficient data to give a production record to her for last year. This year we'll do better!

We can tell you that she milked well, and her udder developed well, with nice teats and easy milking, thin skinned and soft as butter.

2010; Signet Falina Dear two years old.


Falina's Gr. Grandma Duchess, (2nd from left,) w/ progeny; '04.