Dulce & Patrick

The Dulce/Patrick cross came out as great as we had hoped for... with a flat gorgeous pair of sundgaus: Kingston >

...and Aruba!

Aruba is staying with us, (we can't wait to see her freshened out!)

Dulce's udder turned out really well, with a high wide and handsome rear attachment, and production that just kept climbing.

The first thing you notice about these kids is their well knit comformation and their overall smoothness and dairy character.

The second thing you notice is their sweet tempered dispositions and their happiness to be in your lap. These are great traits to have, no more akward chase scenes at untoward moments.

With kids this friendly, however, it is vital that they not be 'pushy'... and we take that very seriously. They learn proper respect for their 'herd leaders' and how to handle nicely.

Aruba & Kingston

Aruba (retained)




2nd from left; Dulce's Gr. Grandma Duchess, w/ progeny, ('04).