Signet Dulce Mia

American Alpine

Dulce Mia- [Dul-say Mee-ah] Sp. meaning, 'my sweet'. (Interesting tidbit: Candy is 'dulce' in Spanish, as in Old English it was also called 'sweets'.)

Dulce was one of quads, and immediately stood out to us for her length and dairyness even as a baby. We retained only her of the whole kidding season, (though her sisters were beautiful, too! Hard to let go,) and are looking forward to seeing how she freshens out. With her sire carrying the heavy producing lines of the Shehena'ko and Mamm-Key, we hope to have a winning combination!

Update: She kidded out in Feb. with a stunning set of twins, by Patrick, and went into high production with a very capacious udder as well as thin skinned, soft and buttery. She is now milking 8 lbs a day.

State Fair 2010; Signet Dulce Mia in her first year.


Dulce Mia proved a greatly capacious doe and a high producer even as a yearling milker. Her color made her especially easy on the eyes! Unfortunately, due to our commitment to small numbers, we were forced to let her go; and were very glad to be able to keep her daughter in the herd.

At Right: Dulce Mia as a yearling milker; 2011. Clearly, her mammary is so large, its kind of too big for her. Crossing her with Patrick, (in the background) kept the production and tightened up all the right places: their resulting daughter Aruba is really a stupendous doe.



2nd from left; Dulce's Gr. Grandma Duchess, w/ progeny, '04.