Goldthwaite Signet Duchess

American Alpine

Pedigree here.

Duchess was the result of our then-five-year-old breeding program,

and inexorably became the matriarch of our herd. Though many beautiful goats have come and gone, our Duchess lines consistantly proved the most pleasing in both conformation and production, as well as being level headed milkers.

We now own only does who are desecended from Duchess..

We were blessed to to have Becky Goldthwaite work with us shortly thereafter, and all the herd was registered under her herdname and ours. (Signet only became ADGA registered in 2006.)

One of Duchie's cousins, Goldthwaite Signet Bermeja, went to Canada and there took Reserve Grand Champion at the Canadian Nationals.

Here is a good place to say "Thank-you!" to Becky, and all the folks like her, who were invaluable help in our herd's development!

Goldthwaite Signet Duchess in '04, at 8 yrs old.



L-R: dtr. Goldthwaite Signet Alberta; Goldthwaite Signet Duchess;

gr.dtr. Goldthwaite Signet Dacia II; & dtr. Goldthwaite Signet Contessa.