Signet Ave

American Alpine

Ave [Ah-vay] Spanish; n. little bird

We were able to get a Three Rings buck to cross with Duchess, (with Shahena'ko lines,) and were delighted when she kidded out twin doelings. [We didn't know they'd be the last we'd get.]

Sadly, we lost Ave's sister to grain overdose, but Ave herself has made a big place for herself in our herd, with her consistant production of milk and good-looking kids!

She is an excellent producer, (13-14 lb.s) with long lactations; and a good mother, throwing babies even prettier than she is. There is never a question as to if her progeny will turn out well. She passes on her friendliness and ease of handling to her daughters, many of whom we are glad to have in our barn.

Update: Ave passed on from a '13 spring bout of mycotoxin poisoning in our herd, which had earlier claimed her daughter Cadiz.

She is much missed.

July 2008; Signet Ave at three years old.


We were pleased to see Ave and her daughter Argentina capture second place in the Dam & Daughter class at the State Fair in '08.

Ave and daughter Cadiz took first place Dam & Daughter the next time we showed; State Fair, 2010.



From left: Ave's sis Alberta, mom Duchess, neice Dacia II, & sis Contessa, '04.