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Caprine Supply

The first place we ordered from back in 1992, and still a great place to get high quality at the best price.

Toxic Plants and the Common Caprine

A page created by an undergraduate student at Cornell University. A very good one.

Hoegger Supply Co.

Another mail order company, send for their full color catalog and get aquinted with all things goat!

Butter Through the Ages

Do you know everything there is to know about Butter? Well, there's no time like the present to learn! This important dairy product, (and one of my personal favorites,) gets a historical treatment here.

FiascoFarm's Edible & Poisonous Plant List

Excellent source to quickly look up that plant your goat just ate. Or wants to.

Biology of the Goat

A good site with lots of interesting information.


GoatWorld's Poisonous Plant Antidote

An antidote for poisonous plants, Rhododendron specifically.

American Dairy Goat Association

ADGA has been registering dairy breeds since 1904.

ADGA Genetics

This sister-site to the ADGA site is all about pedigrees.

Phillip's Fiber Art

Gorgeous Quilt Pics!

Molly's Herbals

A great source for herbal mixes.

American Goat Society

AGS is another popular registry.

Farming In General


Farming Articles, M.E.N.

The Mother Earth News site has a compilation of articles... take a look!

KT's Secret Quilt page

The friendship quilt for KT's first anniversary.

Puppy Page

This is our page for tiny toy puppies! Three were born on March 4th 2011.

Bush Farm Natural Beekeeping

If you are looking into getting bees, this is a great site to check out. Lots of info!

Anne's Get Well Friendship Quilt

The friendship quilt made for Anne while she was down with a broken arm. It turned out great, girls!

Tervuren Page

This is the page for our farm dogs, the lovely and magestic Tervuren.