Signet Aruba Blue

American Alpine

"Aruba" is a sweet, shapey doe that has really impressed with her smoothness and feminity, her overall dairy lines are perfection. Straight smooth topline sets her up as a Patrick daughter, and her generous production is exactly what we hoped for in a Sterling granddaughter.

We are very pleased with her udder, nicely rounded and tight with plenty of capacity, her teats are nicely set and her thin, butter-soft skin makes her super easy to milk. For her first freshening she produced very well, and she just continues to impress as she develops into a senior doe.

We are definitely looking at her to contribute beautiful generations to our herd for years to come!


Pictured 2013 as a two year old milker.



Sweet and in your pocket, Aruba is always easy going and yet first to the trough to make use of all that capacity she inherited. Turning food into milk is what she enjoys most!

Aruba gave us a pair of stunning doelings in 2012. Unfortunately, we lost one, and were left with only the smaller twin, Fiji.

In 2013 we were very glad when she kidded out with two does out of triplets by Alloy. We are very excited about these kids!

Her mother, Dulce Mia, was a greatly capacious doe and a high producer even as a yearling milker. Her color made her especially easy on the eyes! Unfortunately, due to our commitment to small numbers, we were forced to let her go; and were very glad to be able to keep her daughter in the herd.

Dulce Mia as a yearling milker; 2011. Clearly, her mammary is so large, its kind of too big for her. Crossing her with Patrick, (in the background) kept the production and tightened up all the right places: their daughter is really a stupendous doe.


Aruba as a baby (photo, 2011)