Kara-Kahl JC Alloy

French Alpine

Sire: ++*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos
Dam: GCH Kara Kahl Saga Ajuja

We brought in this long, lean young buck to continue our focus on milk production coupled with looks, and this fellow is scoring on all counts! Alloy's first kid crop is hitting the ground spring of 2013, and they are lengthy, beautiful babies! Can't wait to see how some of these daughters freshen out... with their sire's lines to the outstanding does such as maternal gr. dam GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware, & paternal gr.dam GCH Willow Run Apache Josephina 3*M through his sire ++*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos.

He comes to us from the Karakahl herd, busily producing champions in Minnesota.


Alloy as a weanling, 2012.

Alloy @ 1 year, 2013




GCH Kara Kahl Saga Ajuja

Sire:  Pleasant-Grove Super Saga  *Premier Alpine Sire, 2008, 2010*
Sire's Sire: Pleasant-Grove Liasion Superior
     Sire's Dam:  SGCH Stardust Cordite Saba

      Dam: GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware
Dam's Sire:  *B Kara-Kahl Sauvignon
Dam's Dam:  Kara-Kahl Loyal Arilla 

1-04 85 (+VAV) 2010
2-04 87 (VV+E) 2011
3-04 EX 90 (EEVE) 2012

Alloy's Dam ~ GCH Kara Kahl Saga Ajuja

GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware

           Sire:  *B Kara Kahl Sauvignon LA 2005 EX 91 (VEE)
Sire's Sire: *B Kara Kahl Golden Lotto
Sire's Dam:  Kara Kahl Achieved Signe *M

 Dam:  Kara Kahl Loyal Arilla 6-05 92 (VEEE) 2005 *see reference does*
Dam's Sire:  Hoach's Lark Loyalty
Dam's Dam:  Kara-Kahl Millionaire's Acadia

 2-05 EX  91 (VEEE) 2007
5-04 EX  91 (VEEE) 2010
6-04 EX 91 (VEEE) 2011
7-04 EX 92 (EEEE) 2012

Alloy's Maternal Grand-dam ~GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware

GCH Willow Run Apache Josephina 3*M

Sire: +*B Willow Run Apache
Sire's Sire: ++B Abundance Concerto Maestro
Sire's Dam: GCH Maple-Glen Classic's Angela 1*M (96 & 97 Ntl. GCH)

Dam: Willabelle-Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M (2000 Reserve Ntl. GCH)
Dam's Sire: +*B
Willabelle-Acres Prosp Felix
Dam's Dam: Willabelle-Acres RMG Jessica 1*M 

3-10 260 3154 3.0% 96 2.6% 81
6-10 305 4825 3.1% 151 2.5% 123
LA: 7-03 EEEE FS 92
Alloy's Paternal Grand-dam ~GCH Willow Run Apache Josephina 3*M


Baby goats... and spring is in the air!