Anne's Get Well Friendship Quilt

Many thanks to all who sent a block or two... Anne really enjoyed getting them in the mail during the convelescing stages after her broken arm! She is back out on the horses again, and although she says she can certainly tell she's had quite a bit of muscle loss due to immobilization, she is on the way to gaining it all back. And yes, I believe she is being careful while she does so! ;-)

We laid it out and got it all sashed and sewn together before the spring rush hit, so now we can post pics of how it came out. Again, thanks so much to everyone who participated! And I think it turned out super cute. It looks so homey and comfortable, with a really nice old-fashioned feel!

So, here's how it all came together!

We will have to work on getting it batted, bound and stitched down all tight a little later on. Seems to me that would be an ideal project for next winter!







Here's how each contributor's blocks ended up lining out.

So here are some closeups: Upper Left hand corner.

Upper Right hand corner.

Lower Right hand corner.

Lower Left hand corner.

Middle Right.

Middle Left.


'04 shot of our four premium does at the time, L-R: Alberta, Duchess, Dacia II, & Contessa.