Signet Does
Senior Does

Signet Ephesus

2011 American Alpine

Ephie is a long, big bodied doe, which is no surprise from her dam, the tank-like Tigris. Ephie improves on her dam's production numbers and bulked up her mammary, and kids out with lovely, long babies.

Her sweet and easy going dispostion makes her a joy to work with, and we are looking forward to seeing how next year really fills out her udder.

Signet Aruba Blue

2011 American Alpine

"Aruba" is a sweet, shapey doe that really impressed with her smoothness and feminity, her overall dairy lines are to a T. Straight smooth topline sets her up as a Patrick daughter, and her generous production is exactly what we hoped for in a Sterling granddaughter.

We are very pleased with her udder, nicely rounded and tight with plenty of capacity, her teats are nicely set and her thin, butter-soft skin makes her super easy to milk. For her first freshening she produced very well, and we are looking forward to how she develops into a senior doe.


(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Yes, we're way out of date...

Signet Epiphany

2013 American Alpine

"Epiphany" out of Ephesus; is a sturdy next generation in our Tigeris girls, carrying that maternal line forward with a lot of panache. We look for her to deliver a steady, long lactation just like her mother, who is currently echoing her own dam, Tiger's, all-aces winter-milking ability. The longevity on this line is highly valuable as well, with Epiphany's granddam, Tiger, now carrying on into her tenth year. We are really looking forward to the udder this young girl will show us in 2014.

(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Sunshine & Summertime

2013 American Alpine

"Sunshine" is a sundgau looker out of Aruba, by Alloy. With the long lines of both parents, we are very excited to see her udder for the first time in 2014. She kidded in late Feb, with a single buckling, so we can't wait for her mamary to fully blossom out!


(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Mirage

2014 American Alpine

"Mirage" was our consolation prize after losing her mother Madeira and her similarities to her dam helped the loss a little. On her first kidding out she presented us with a "mini-me" look alike back to Madeira again, and we were thrilled to add "Bordeaux" to the line up, and look forward to her first kidding in 2016.

(Also, getting some pics of these girls once they shed out and are in full milk... and we're excited about the babies...!)

(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Havana

2014 American Alpine

Havana is another carbon copy of her mother Aruba and the sundgaus just keep marching on!

(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Sweet Fiesta

2014 American Alpine

A pale, broken chamoisee, this Empress daughter caught the spots, but not the black, and is passing them on to her babies with style! Her little '16 daughter, "Soiree" is as stylish as they come, and very classy looking.

(We really need to get pics of these girls!!)

Junior Does
(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Bordeaux

2015 American Alpine

Bordeaux is such a spitting image of her grandmother Madeira that it makes me happy just looking at her! I can't wait to see how she freshens out... if she carries on the milking tradition of Madeira and Mirage, 3rd generation Bordeaux will be a slam-dunk in the pail! (And I'm really hoping for another two-tone daughter out of her, to carry on the tradition there, too!)

(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Jamaica

2015 American Alpine

Just like big sister Havana, Jamaica is another carbon copy of her mother Aruba and like I said... the sundgaus just keep marching on!

(Sorry, no photo at this time.)

Signet Calpurnia

2015 American Alpine

Calpurnia out of Ephesus, and we're looking forward to see how she freshens out for her first time this year!

Reference Does

These does are well loved and well remembered, and we miss their faces in our herd, whichever way they moved on.

Signet Sweet Empress

2012 American Alpine

Empress was a looker from the day she was born: a very impressive Elma daughter, bringing in the old Duchess lines on her sire's side, and she turned out just right all the way around. High wide and handsome, her bone and depth of structure caught our eye right away and she has only continued to improve.

Update: To make room in the herd, Empress was sold, and we wish her new home great success with her!

Signet Madeira Mirage

2011-14 American Alpine

Madeira is a gorgeous, shapy doe out of Ave that excells in every way. Her impressive mammary wowed as a yearling milker, and her production was everything we hoped for out of a Sterling daughter. Her udder as a yearling milker was large with a very defined medial suspensary ligament; the only question is if a few years of production might make it actually too big for her from a showring standpoint.

Her long, lean good looks impress all who see her, and her steady affable temperament make her a doll to work with. She is perhaps one of our best daughters out of Ave, and that's saying a lot since Ave's girls fill up our barn.

Update: We were devestated to lose Madeira only a few months after her 2014 kidding. To replace her, we retained her "look alike" daughter, and last year that dtr. gave us another "mini-me" to make our hearts hurt even less... and we can't wait to see how they both continue to grow out!

Signet Tigiris

2003 American Alpine

The senior doe of our herd, "Tiger" is a huge doe with plenty of substance and staying power. Her udder is exceptionally well built, with rear and fore-udder attachments that could make anyone jealous. She is around a ten pounder, and always milks extremely late in her lactation.

Update: Tigir left us at the grand old age of 12 years old, and my only regret is that she didn't give us just one more girl to set beside her daughter Ephesus in the herd.

Signet Ave

2005-2013 American Alpine

Ave is an excellent producer with long lactations; and a good mother, throwing babies even prettier than she is. There is never a question as to if her progeny will turn out well.

She passed on her friendliness and ease of handling to her daughters, many of whom we are glad to have in our barn.

Update: Ave passed on from a '13 spring bout of mycotoxin poisoning in our herd, which had earlier claimed her daughter Cadiz.

She is much missed.

Signet Cadiz

2007-2013 American Alpine

Not only was Cadiz typey and correct, her udder was exceptionally well built, with very nice teats, and beautiful fore-udder attachment. She milks out as smooth as butter and so easy it’s a pleasure.
With her very generous production underscoring her smooth lines and general dairyness, we are very proud of this girl!

Update: Cadiz was taken from us by a spring bout of mycotoxin poisoning, which went on to claim her mother as well.

She is much missed.


Signet Sweet Elma

2004 Experimental

Elma carries on her mother's tradition of heavy production through the summer months. Shapely, long and tall, everyone is impressed by her stunning good looks and correct conformation.

Update: Elma SOLD to a show home in '13; to a family of teen goat showing enthusiasts, and we trust that she will do as well for them in the ring as she always did for us.

Happy winnings, Elma!

Signet Duchess

1996 American Alpine

Duchess was the finest result of our then-five-year-old breeding program, and inexorably became the matriarch of our herd. Though many beautiful goats have come and gone, our Duchess lines consistantly proved the most pleasing in both conformation and production, as well as being level headed milkers.

We now own only does who are desecended from Duchess.

We thank-you, Duchie-girl, for all the gorgeous progeny you contributed to!

Ave enjoying a rest with her '10 quad doelings. Dulce is in back with white on her forehead.