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American Alpine ~ 05/25/2013

Sire:Kara-Kahl JC Alloy
Dam: Signet Tigiris

"Titanium" is the son of our good old girl, Tigris, (04/29/'04-07/24/'09) and he combines the Tiger family's beautiful strength and topline, good eschutcheon, with his sire's length and dairiness, as well as the easy and amiable disposition that made us love all the boys on his mom's side. We are very impressed with Titanium's kids!

Alloy @ 1 year, (July '13).

Kara-Kahl JC Alloy

We brought in this long, lean young buck to continue our focus on milk production coupled with looks, and this fellow is scoring on all counts! Alloy's first kid crop is hitting the ground spring of 2013, and they are lengthy, beautiful babies! Can't wait to see how some of these daughters freshen out... with their sire's lines to the outstanding does such as maternal gr. dam GCH Kara Kahl Sauvignon Aware, & paternal gr.dam GCH Willow Run Apache Josephina 3*M through his sire *B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos.


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Reference Sires

These boys had a major impact on our lives and on our herd, sometimes more one than the other! Our sires will always be remembered in the progeny they gave us, and all those folks who purchased youngstock out of them!

Signet Sir Patrick

American Alpine ~ 05/06/2009 - 2013

Sire: Signet Sir Joselyn
Dam: Signet Tigiris

Patrick is the son of our good old fellow, Sir Joselyn, (04/29/'04-07/24/'09) and he carries on his father's beautiful topline, good eschutcheon, length and dairiness, as well as the easy and amiable disposition that made us love 'Jos', and miss him so. Patrick has combined these with Tigiris' depth, width, bone and substance, and her strong feet... to give us a boy we are very proud of.

It broke my heart to lose him in 2014. He was always such a good boy... and I miss his influence in the herd!

Photo taken circa 2007.

Signet Sir Guy Joselyn

American Alpine

Named for the fictional knight of the Hundred Years War in medieval France, Jos lived up to his name with flawlessly gentlemanly behavior. Always friendly and obliging, his docile temperament came in especially handy during breeding season, and was passed on to his offspring with the regularity of clockwork.

"Jos"' was big bodied and well built; and threw beautiful, milky daughters with great dispositions.

Pictured in 2011.

Bethel HS Milky Way

American Alpine: 04/02/2010

Sire: Bethel Happy Sumo
Dam: Bethel Mur Millie Milky

We call him 'Sterling' and he came out from Iowa to join us, from the Bethel herd, who provided the top producing Alpine doe for '08 and '09. With our herd's strong type firmly fixed, we thought a line in from Bethel could give us a very nice mix. Pedigree here. With his heavy lines to Shahena'ko and Mamm-Key, we anticipate him passing on some very high production... and his color and spots were just icing on the cake!

With the strong result in his daughters' production, we were right!





Dulce Mia, '10 daughter of Bethel HS Milky Way + Signet Ave