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Since falling in love with goats it has badly bothered me that this beautiful, elegant creature is so little respected by others. Especially as 'beautiful, elegant creatures'. "Outsiders" seem to view them in a totally uncomplimentary light, and this is so wrong!
So, I've always wanted to be able to reach out beyond myself and express the way I feel and see these dairy goats, nimble, loving cousins to the deer... but way prettier. (Of course!)

{Seriously! Have you seen a deer up close? Their faces are weird, with strange ridges, and their noses look like rubber. A pretty goat face is all smoothed corners and softness, sleek lines of cheek and ear... rabbity gentleness breathing on your neck.}   

One of the first things I noticed was the lack of good quality representation in art, of any kind. All sorts of other animals have whole hordes of artists busily portraying them in the best possible light, and that is totally unfair! So, being blessed with some degree of talent, I have resolved to try to remedy this horrible oversight to the best of my ability. I am still in the process of this, and hope to long continue!

Being lucky enough to become the resident artist of the Caprizette was a great step forward, it gave me added incentive to practice my plan, (deadlines are such terrific motivators!) Many of my images have graced the cover, and I've got more that I plan to 'air' in the future.

These are a few images from the Head 'n' Heart series.





Caprizette cover art.

Below are the images from '08 for a set of cards we had printed.

And another set of six from 2010 images.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

I am happy to offer my services with logo art... or just talk goats, drawing or both!


Cover art for one of the summer '08 Caprizettes.