About Us

Abigail started goatkeeping early. (Shown here at around 6.)

Our first goats come into our lives the autumn before Abigail was born, when Elizabeth was seven years old. And they've been part of the family ever since.

They were a mother daughter pair, the mother was a gentle old girl who milked a ton, and her daughter was a little more spiffy, with respectable production. Those first babies that spring were the beginning of a long, long story, that just keeps going on. Can you imagine the fun? Seven goat kids and four siblings... as well as any friends that could persuade their parents to drop them off for a few hours. We had a blast.

The herd grew from there, as herds tend to do! The numbers got up into the double digits, and over the course of the next ten years we'd fluctuate from numbers in the teens to the thirties, encompassing two breeds. (Saanens and Alpines.) It was fun... Everbody helped, and we all split up chores. They were a major part of growing up, and the life lessons learned were enormous. The breeding and selection process was taken very seriously from the first, and our herd was soon improving very nicely. We never had a big budget, but through diligent research were able to find high-end genetics at economic values, and so get the improvement we looked for without breaking the bank.

Around 2004 due to deverging interests, the rest of the family voted to get out of goats. Abigail and I voted to keep them, and so we got them! We've had them ever since, with no plans of ever having it otherwise.

Because there's only two of us now, we keep our numbers down and only one breed. (As tempting as it is to wander!) The Alpines were our mutual favorite, and we've specialized in them with great success. When in Nebraska we competed in several shows with very good results. [See Showing.]

We love our herd, and wish every goat-lover happiness in their own herd's journey!

Elizabeth started early, too, come to think of it.

(Here around eight years old; with the second year's kid crop.)