This site has become woefully out of date these past few years... but rest assured, the goats are still here and still a major part of our lives! :-) Other things may come and go (like web maintainance! ;-) ) but the goats around here really do go on forever. (Can't imagine living without them!)

Sadly, not any individual goat goes on forever... and we've had to say farewell to many of our beloved girls, but the ever-hopeful thing about a herd is the fact that it is more than the sum of its parts, and more than any one of its members. Just as life springs new every year, so does the herd renew itself as well, and the memories of our special friends live on in the offpsring they passed on to us.

Our Senior Doe line up may shift drastically with the changes, but there is always a Junior Doe line up sprouting up from the fresh batch of kidding seasons. The promise of spring keeps unfolding all the year around!

So get in touch with us if you are looking for some new stock for your barn... we're always happy to take a little time out of the busy day around here and talk goats with someone else who loves them! :-)

Since our first kid crop in 1991 we have been heavily invested in raising and selecting the very best herd of dairy goats possible. We are grateful for the blessing these animals have brought into our lives, and we take our position of steward, to some of the Lord's most amazing creatures, to heart.

We use all our own milk, as well as making butter, cream, cheeses, yogurt, and using dairy products extensively in our day to day cooking. The health benefits alone would be enough to convince anyone, and, really, we think it tastes so much better!

We enjoy working smoothly with all our animals and our goats are no different. Every day they remind us of the many wonders in this world, in a world where small graces are more needed than ever. A much needed smile, ...a little bit of joy straight to the heart, ...there are many reasons to love our goats!

We are CAE negative and abcess free.

Here at Signet we believe that good conformation, good health and good temperaments are the three things quality goats should have. Our herd is a family first environment with equal emphasis on production, longevity, correctness in conformation, hardiness of health, and workablity in their disposition.

We feel very strongly that the best environment for animals is the one that the Lord designed, and our herd ranges on open pasture whenever possible. The natural instincts of goats allow them to make use of forage even during winter when the plants are dead, and their browser's diet is substantially benefitted by the variety of forage options. A well rounded and variable diet helps keep health in optimum condition.

Because of this the herd gets plenty of exercise in good clean air and fresh ground, making for a better start in life for the young ones. We are proud of our young does and bucks and are glad that their new owners can look forward to them having long and productive lives as part of the family.

We are located in southwestern Nebraska, in between the Republican and North Platte rivers. Just off Highway 83, aproximately 45 miles south of the town of North Platte, and 23 miles north of McCook.

We welcome visitors, please get in touch and let us know!





'04 shot of our four premium does at the time, L-R: Alberta, Duchess, Dacia II, & Contessa.